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🧖🏾‍♀️My Self-care routine:

1. I always start off my day with God and journal what He teaches me. 2. After getting the kids on their way, I begin my day by brushing my teeth with @crest 3D white and following up with @listerine . 4. Then I shower with a @_seaofspa_ body scrub and then with my favorite…

I think I’m a Little too Different from Others

😬 an ideal day for me would be:..💛Spending time with God in the morning 💛Drinking #fiji water all day and walking in my favorite robe 💛Going on a nature walk and having a good work out 💛Definitely listening to my favorite Pastor in the world preach 💛Eating chocolate baked goodies from my friends 💛Watching my…

🙏🏽Small Habits

Let’s talk about establishing small healthy habits and turning it into your daily routine real quick. So, I never been perfect with Bible reading many years ago, but I started off really small. I had began only reading my Bible in the morning times between the times of 8 am-11 am. ☀️ As God gave…

🙏🏽Patience and Faith

In the Bible, the testimony of Caleb goes something like this: there was a city that him and the children of Israel, those who walked with Moses were to overtake giants. But Moses sent out ten spies to scope things out, only to bring back a “bad report” of unbelief. Take a moment and do…


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Joshua 1:9 KJV
About Me

Hi, I’m Paris Battle. Previously a World Class Clientele Service Provider and sinner, I gave my life back over to God in 2019 to do God’s will, serve Him fully with my life, and His Kingdom. Through the will of God, I now take that World Class Clientele skill set and change the lives of others through the Word of God. I am a mother of two beautiful children, a prince and a princess. Formerly, known as Miss Overtown Teen USA 2012 and of other countless of titles, I became a Podcaster, YouTuber, freelance writer in 2021 with the help of God. I spend most of my time with God and my children at Holy Spirit Ministries and traditional and unique family traditions we carry on for the generations to come. Obviously, this blog is for my love for God and all the amazing things He has done for me as well as for others who have life-changing stories just like you! I pray that you enjoy. God bless you.

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