Ain’t God Good??

“Truly God is good to Israel, even to such as are of a clean heart.”
-Psalm 73:1 KJV

January 11TH, 2022

I have to give God all the Glory before I tell y’all about why He’s so good… cause HALLELUJAH! God is tooooooooo good!

Ok first off my bills were paid unanimously after I broke the bank last month. Ha! So here’s tea: the father of my son, second mother of his children, has been chatting it up with me. But we ain’t just talking bout anything; the beef of 7 years has now been diminished through God! Hallelujah! We practically talk about God and encourage each other in prayer too! Aint God good?

Not only that! The father we share to our children had been slacking for a couple of months but living his best life. Mommy #2 jokingly said she’d make a call to them folks downtown… mind y’all a couple of weeks later I seen a deposit in my account from the downtown folks. I hit Mommy #2 up and tell her about it and she said she ain’t even call nobody! I told her all that praying we did, God heard us and moved for us that we didn’t even have to lift a finger! Hallelujah! Ain’t God good?

Ok I’m not done though! Y’all tell me how the job who cursed ME out for no reason and fired me back in August of last year after they raised my pay to $15…. They just called me 3 days ago asking if I can come back to work their front desk? Thank God I wasn’t the old me and cussed them folks back out, I left on a good note (in tears, I’m not going to lie) but they knew they did a real Child of God wrong. Y’all I had to laugh at this but man… God is good!

Ok last one, last one! I told y’all about my accidents and how I had to eventually get surgery right? Ok so I was on the fence about whether to go through with the surgery, ask my momma cause she was probably sick and worried just as much as I was. But I prayed God to give me an answer. Yesterday, the Uber driver who picked me up was God sent! We were talking and y’all he gave me the confirmation to not go through with the surgery. Not only that he’s now offered me a future job once I start my NEW Health and Self-Care podcast! He finally drops me off to the doctor, I’m literally not in as much pain as I was previously, and I explained that to the sweet nurses.

Man it’s one nurse in there was just giving God the praise the entire time over my recovery! Glory to God! Jesus you are real! Hallelujah! Y’all tell me why I went to this same doctor who was adamant about me getting the surgery, has now cleared me free from injections and the SURGERY!!! HALLELUJAH! GLORY TO GOD! AIN’T GOD GOOD??? HALLELUJAH!

Take away these things from today’s blog to help you out:

  • Keep the momentum going in your prayer life!
  • Have others not only join in prayer but Glorify God together!
  • Have faith! Trust God!
  • Make God the person you want to tell EVERYTHING to; the good and the bad!
  • And give God the praise every time He comes through for YOU! Amen!

See what I ain’t tell y’all was that I snuck away in the bathroom to pray after the Uber driver dropped me off and I was praising God right there too! God deserves all the praise for everything He protects us from, for giving us all answers to our prayers, and even the more!Hallelujah!

I pray that you give God the praise right away for something good He’s done for you lately! Hallelujah!

I can’t wait for the next testimony cause God is blessing someone again! Amen!

Love y’all stay tuned, next Tuesday for a new testimony! Stay in Prayer and God bless 🙏🏽❤️

-Paris Battle


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