Love like no Other

“And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.”
‭‭1 John‬ ‭4:16‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Hey y’all I’m back with another God Glorified week of news! We left off on God blessing me with a job I didn’t think I would ever see myself back at. Well, with new jobs obviously comes extensive training depending on the field that you work in. Everyday has been non stop book work and yesterday was simulation tasks that I was stressing my brain out over the weekend about. 

On top of working my new full-time job, I was overwhelmed with balancing the kids, managing Dwell on This Ministry, and The Eiffel Fairy Brand. I nearly wanted to pull my hair out yall! I had myself to blame for packing my schedule with so many things. I know the Lord said I can do all things through Him who strengthens me…but though I had the strength I was bearing more than I could carry… or so I thought.

I adjusted my schedule to where I can fit everything I needed to do as top priorities. I would feel a little stressed out when I didn’t get around to what I needed to do but through prayer I was learning that I just need to be grateful for what got done today and thankful for the opportunity to accomplish everything I had put off for the next day. Yet, I still wasn’t satisfied. 

I was filled with so much gratitude and an abundance of “THANK YA LORD”’s when it was time for the Love, Love, Love fast. I thought to myself “Finally! I have time to clear my head and spend time with the Lord, my Prince of Peace”. It was a great fast; praise and worship nights during the fast were amazing. For the first time, I witnessed the Holy Spirit take over my kids… truly there was the Lord’s love there. I was in awe and soaking in the moment; I didn’t want to leave that exact moment, watching my 3 year old daughter closing her eyes, waving her hands to invite the Lord’s presence and hearing my son belt out notes of praise to reverence our Lord and Savior, Glory to God! 

I was wishing I could just live in that very moment forever. Then reality struck and I found myself being more business like; countless of emails being sent out, hosting virtual blogging classes all while being mommy. It was like SpongeBob’s “fine dining and breathing” except it was “Jesus, work and breathing”. The Lord was sustaining me. Everything turned out to be successful though. 

My children closed out their weekend in love and some monetary blessings from some of my dad’s friends while hanging out in the garage with him (which that quality time is hard to find at times.) We put together some Valentine’s Day bags that were required for my son’s class and made sure to get everyone especially the bus driver, I told you all about in my very first blog on here (Ha! Which by the way she was so happy she got something that she blew the school bus horn at me to tell me thank you as I made my way to work.) 

Work was very stimulating from my mind to my fingertips as I put codes and equations together in my head. (Literally a drag! But it had to be done.) My classmate who’s a couple years younger than me seem to be getting the methods together but struggled when it came to checking her work. During our breaks I kept saying to myself “What would Jesus do?” And I was like “Paris, you’ve been saturating yourself in God’s love and learning how to love folks like Jesus, this is the perfect opportunity to reflect the Lord’s love towards people who ain’t family.” 

We’d return back from our lunch break while the instructor grabbed more supplies and I decided to ask my classmate how she was feeling about the processes. Though I’ve had experience in this field before, it wasn’t something that can come to you in a split second. As I coached my classmate through a few helpful tips, I also encouraged her that I’ve been in her shoes at some point and showed her the importance on why we conducted processes the way that we did. Can you believe how thankful she was when the end of the day came and her work was correct?

I felt great with Jesus being there with us. We had to count ourselves blessed, according to the instructor, because due to COVID-19, many didn’t have the opportunity to train in a classroom setting before jumping out onto the real battle field like we did. Today, I have a test on the things we’ve learned thus far. I don’t trust myself fully when it comes to test taking but I trust God. Hopefully, I’ll update you guys later with the results!

I don’t have any take aways for you all today but I will say this: despite how stressful, how overwhelming and tedious life can get, take time to indulge in God’s love, even if it’s just for a moment. And ALWAYS be a reflection of what Jesus’ love is towards us. (Ok maybe you can take those away. Ha!)

As always I love you all and God bless!

-Paris Battle

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