Your Favorite Podcast Episodes are in!

To God be the Glory! Hallelujah! 🙌🏾

Your favorite Dwell on This Episodes are officially in! ⬇️

  1. SZN 1 Episode 6: Time to Flourish
    2.SZN 2 Episode 4: Shameless
    3.SZN 1 Episode 12: More than Bread

Thanks for Dwelling in on this podcast that inspired you through the Word of God.

Here’s some other things to celebrate 🎉

💛God is sooooo good! Hallelujah! 🙌🏾
💛Dwell on This Podcast created more episodes than 30% of other Christian Based podcasts
💛Dwell on This Podcast reaches the #USA , #SouthKorea , #Canada , and even #Australia !
💛Dwell on This Podcast had 225% more listeners compared to our average week! Amazing, right?
💛Dwell in This Podcast was also in the top 10% of Podcasts shared #globally through different ways ➡️ 92% through , 4% through @twitter , 3% other, and 1% through @instagram .
💛Dwell on This Podcast listeners love the fresh episodes that are put out every Friday; listeners also love finding the gems in every episode!

🥰Which episode was your favorite? Use #dwellonthis to tell us which episode inspired you!


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