🧖🏾‍♀️My Self-care routine:

1. I always start off my day with God and journal what He teaches me.

2. After getting the kids on their way, I begin my day by brushing my teeth with @crest 3D white and following up with @listerine .

4. Then I shower with a @_seaofspa_ body scrub and then with my favorite @bathandbodyworks shower gel (currently using peach Bellini)

3. After I shower, I towel dry and use either @soapandgloryusa lotion or @esteelauder perfumed body lotion depending on what type of day I’m having.

5. I get dressed and put on @dove deodorant and I carefully spray perfume (depends if I wear the Estée Lauder) on my wrist and neck (never on my clothes)

6. I scrub my face with @soapandgloryusa facial scrub with vitamin c and I’m currently testing out @vaselinebrand cocoa butter healing as a moisturizer since my face was drying out too fast from other products.

7. I use @garnierusa conditioner in my hair to detangle and give me my curls.

8. Finally, I add @blistex balm to my lips.

If you have a favorite self-care product that you love and think I should try instead of these, please recommend them below ⬇️




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