🎯How to Build your Faith

💛Be committed—-> make a commitment to God by getting yourself saved through your Church home.

💛Be proactive—->set up a weekly schedule to spend time with God. You want to add things like Bible Study, Fellowship, Sunday School, Worship Service, and Church Service.

💛Make an effort—-> show up to what’s on your schedule. Not only that but begin to read God’s Word for yourself by taking on a devotional that pertains to your current circumstance/struggle or start from the beginning of the Bible and read 3 chapters.

💛Be consistent—-> have 3 different prayer times set up daily. What God reveals to you, apply it to your life, and allow God to refine you so you can be a better version of yourself.

💛Stay Focused—-> no matter what building your relationship with God is your focus. Don’t let distractions nor circumstances separate you from God. Earnestly and diligently seek God.
🥰If you have any questions about refining your relationship with God, feel free to comment your question.

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