Sensitive Ears

You may be wondering what does it feel like to experience God’s voice. It is very clear, never confusing or misleading. In order to hear God’s voice you must have sensitive ears to hear His voice. Even if you are a parent, we must teach our children to have spiritually sensitive ears that can discern the Lord’s voice. “He who has ears to hear, let him hear!” is repeated in Matthew 11:15; 13:43; Mark 4:23; Luke 8:8. Do you have sensitive ears?

You have to train your ears to hear God’s “still small voice”. Your life can be changed in a moment when you hear the voice of the Lord. Through hearing God’s voice you are able to receive salvation and direction for your life. God speaks to us in many ways as we go about our daily lives. Ask God to give you ears sensitive to hear His voice and wisdom to teach the lessons you’ve experienced to others.

Verse of the day:
“And the LORD came, and stood, and called as at other times, Samuel, Samuel. Then Samuel answered, Speak; for thy servant heareth.”
1 Samuel 3:10 KJVi

In order to fulfill your assignment, you must have a heart for the Lord and sensitive ears for His Word. Amen? Not only that, God wants us to dress ourselves not only in the full armor of God, but to dress ourselves daily in grace and sacredness when we are serving Him on our assignment. The word “sacred” stuck out to me as I was also reading 1 Samuel 2:18 amp. When you look up part of the definition of the word sacred, it says that the meaning means connected with God! If you haven’t gotten it by now, I need you to get it now!

If you don’t have a heart for God and you aren’t connected to His sacredness, then how are you going to hear God? A lot of us complain that we can’t hear God but have you tried this? No? Then why don’t you try it? That’s why I explained the importance of building your foundation with God. It’s more to this than answered prayers, there are tactics God wants to reveal to you but you are too stubborn to set your pride aside, too selfish to set your todo list to the side, and too ungrateful to praise God for one second.

I apologize in advance, but in order for us to get through this season we have to put God back on His throne and truly hear what He needs us to hear. I don’t mean to get aggressive with you today but we can’t afford to go on not paying attention to God’s voice.

Fine tune your ears to God. Subsequently, this leads us into my next point of why it is important to have sensitive ears for God’s voice. In Matthew 11:15, & Matthew 13:43 it is mentioned that Jesus says that those who have ears, let them hear. Jesus is not saying this to waste His breath! He’s saying if the Lord has blessed you with gifts to tune into God’s Word such as sight, hearing, etc. Then take special care into applying those gifts to heed His Word.

I’m going to ask like Jesus asked in the message version “Are you listening to me? Really Listening?” Because I need you to pay attention here. Having a sensitive ear for God’s voice means that you are obeying His commandments, laws, and statues. And if you are doing that then that also means that you are able to radiate your new life through Christ because you are seeking after God’s will and not what you think is right. Ultimately, Your listening skills for God’s Word should reflect God’s character and light, which would convince others to want to change their life through Christ too.

Understand that Jesus is coming back real soon to set this world back right. Jesus and God’s Angel armies are coming back to clean house, weeding out the ones who strangle others with their darkness aka their evil. Jesus is throwing them away like trash out of the Kingdom here on earth and he done with em. Ya feel me? These are the same people when it’s too late they’re asking for the Lord to save them in the end but Jesus gone be like I don’t know you, even worse it says in the message version of Matthew 13:43 that nobody in Heaven will even take the time to listen to them.

So I’m going to say this again, connect with God, we can not afford to continue not listening to Him. We don’t want to be the ones that Jesus acts like he doesn’t know all because we chose not to listen or have a relationship with Him. Therefore, mature Your ripened holy life and adore God’s Kingdom with your sensitive ears for God’s voice. I pray this message has truly blessed y’all. Love y’all always and God bless.

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“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”
Romans 12:2 KJV


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