🙏🏽Small Habits

Let’s talk about establishing small healthy habits and turning it into your daily routine real quick. So, I never been perfect with Bible reading many years ago, but I started off really small. I had began only reading my Bible in the morning times between the times of 8 am-11 am. ☀️

As God gave me clear understanding over time of His revelations it encouraged me more to want to spend time with Him because I was growing to love His instructions and the biblical gems 💎 He would drop. (Understand that I didn’t always do everything God told me down to a T because He was still working on me).

Fast forward 👉🏾 I now read my Bible 3 times a day, designating 3 specific “date times” with God (because you know, that’s my Heavenly Ishi, my Husband 🥰❤️ my Man, my Man, my Man!), throughout my day. I would spend time in His Word morning, noon, and night. (Sometimes, I get tired and ask for forgiveness just in case I miss the night time prayer but thank God He is understanding, gracious, and merciful! Hallelujah!)

Today, I’ve officially hit 100 weeks in YouVersion Bible app!

So my question to you is what small habits are you doing that are creating a better version of yourself?

Dwell on This

Btw add me with my name, Paris Battle, so we can study together! Having an accountability partner, helps you to turn your habits into a daily routine!


(Clearly I’ve been ratchet 👆🏾it’s the link for me 😭 #ghetto )

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