🌾Seed and Harvest

One of the keys to pleasing God and for God to make and keep the promises He has for you and your family is to set up your personal “altar” and to continually sacrifice to God. What do I mean? You should have a secluded prayer spot in your home, free from distractions where you can give unto God praise, thanksgiving, worship, and where you speak to Him one on One.

God wants to give you and your family’s seed time and Harvest promise. God has given you and your family the ability to grow and multiply, through the principle of seed and harvest. Your life started with seed and harvest; since then you’ve been operating by this same principle.

Understand that harvest can spring from the good or bad seeds you’ve sown, consciously or unconsciously knowing of your seed-planting. Therefore, to overcome the problems of your life, in order to reach your full potential, in order to see your life become fruitful, to see your life multiply, to see replenishment in your health, your finances, your spiritual renewal, your family and every area of your life—you must be determined to follow God’s law of seed-time and harvest. You have to sow the seeds of God’s promises into your needs. Basically, you need to remember what God has spoken and promised to you about what you’ve prayed about. Keep speaking over your situation or circumstance till it come into fruition and ready to harvest! (Ok I’ve said too much!)

For Genesis 8:22 says…

No matter the season, no matter the time of day, as long as earth remains, your seed and harvest shall NEVER cease! Dwell on This!

Question: are you ready to plant your seed for a great harvest?

Dear Heavenly Father, we thank You for being Jehovah-Jireh our Provider, Glory to God! We that You that You are the Source to our resources, Hallelujah! God we thank You that we find comfort in knowing that You are unfolding Your promises in our lives, Hallelujah! God we ask that You bless us and bless each and everyone of our family members near and far. We ask God that You help us to keep our faith in You, we might be the only ones praying for our family members so help us to keep praying on their behalf. God we pray don’t let us miss our season of a great harvest because we declare and decree that we are planting great seeds of your promises in every area of our lives, in the mighty name of Jesus, we pray, Amen 🙏🏽❤️

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